To the Book Lover, Busy Person, Students (Master Level or PHD), and Working Adults who are Studying Part Time or Taking Professional Papers Who Struggles to Find Time For Reading & Learning…

Discover How to Accelerate Your Career & Income Through Rocketing Your Learning Speed Up to 10X & Save You Tons of Time… Simply By Applying This Most Powerful Learning Skill! 

Reading Too Slow & Don’t Have Time To Learn Are No Longer Your Problems Again.

Having piles of books & no time to read them?

Taking weeks, months or never able finish the book you've started reading?

Struggling to juggle between work & part-time studying for a professional paper?

Want to become extremely smart by reading few books a week & retain the information as you read? 


Most people face challenges in finishing a book that they started.  Many buy boxes of books but are never able to finish reading them. The most common problem why most people can’t finish reading their books is because they don’t have enough time or they are just reading too slow.

Or so they think.

Most people think they need a long time to read “properly” so that they can “properly” retain the knowledge as they read.

At work or at school, our brains are constantly flooded with tons of information every single minute, be it from emails, technical books, reports, research papers, contracts and agreements.

For those studying part time while working, students are struggling to even focus in their studies after a long stressful day with work deadlines.

They need a solution to be able to shorten their learning time that is limited while being able to retain all the information and knowledge. 




Like millions of others in the world today, if you went to the conventional schools, you were most likely taught using the “old” education system to read WORD-by-WORD, phrase by phrase, paragraph by paragraph to comprehend the whole textbook.

In today’s information age where knowledge enrichment is necessary, this learning approach is out-dated, highly inefficient & time-consuming. When you study using this old method, you’re only using a small part of your brain, the Wernicke’s area, to read and absorb information. The rest of the brain are looking for "interesting thing" to get you distracted. That's why you will feel bored after you read for a while & it is extremely ineffective for right brain oriented person.

The truth is, reading doesn’t have to be slow and time consuming as long you use the right method. If you know how to use the rest of your brain, you will be able to finish up to 10 books a day and still achieve better comprehension. And it is possible through this effective learning method – Lightning-Speed Learning Intensive System.


Today, You Can Enrol In The Lightning Speed Learning System 2 Days Intensive Training To Boost Your Reading Speed By 3X Or More In 2 Short Days.

Lightning Speed Learning System adopts the most advanced whole-brain-learning strategies, combining together with Neuro-Linguistic-Programming & Hypnosis elements to unleash the full potential of both your conscious and subconscious power of your mind in learning. This system breaks your reading limit and allows you to mentally capture the printed page at more than 20,000 words per minute.

This advance learning system is specially designed in two main parts: a) Reading for knowledge enrichment; and b) Reading for exams. All you need to do is to replace the old and ineffective learning habit with this new powerful skill to get your reading done in lesser time and boost up your learning ability.





Imagine a life where you’re unstoppable.

Imagine how much your career can accelerate if you could read two or three books a day and apply your learning in improving your skillsets to generate more sales, increase productivity, be better at managing people and etc.;

If you have a thirst for knowledge, imagine how much knowledge & fulfilment you can achieve if you could read at lightning speed;

If you want more wealth, imagine how fast you could pick up a totally new skill that would help you to generate more wealth and become the inspiration for others;

If you’re a student, imagine how proud you can feel of yourself by excelling your studies and create excellent research report in no time;

If you’re having part time studies while working, imagine how relaxed you can feel for being able to manage your study and work well with lesser effort and time;

If you’re an entrepreneur, imagine how your business can grow if you could read at least 1 marketing or entrepreneurship book a week.

All while still having more than enough free time to do other things.

Now Lightning Speed Learning System can allow you to do that and much more.



This training is not designed to only improve your reading speed. By the time you end the course on second day, you’ll have at least finish reading one book. And many parts of your life will experience the benefits as well. Here are 5 ways in which the course is designed to help you get the maximum benefits.


01 Achieve Success In Any Areas of Life, Not Just Better Learning

Lightning Speed Learning utilizes every resources of your whole mind to achieve success in any areas of life. Aside of improving reading speed and comprehension, Lightning Speed Learning has been shown to improve concentration, productivity, brain processing, memory, creativity, problem-solving, and intuition.


02 Designed For Results In 2 Days

The most amazing part about Lightning Speed Learning System Intensive Training is that it’s very practical & very easy to apply. After you complete the training, you’ll be able to use it immediately for all of your reading needs—whether for work, studies, special projects, or play.


03 Can Be Applied To Read Anything

You can use Lightning Speed Learning on all types of reading materials including books, magazines, journals, technical reports, Email, novels, and newspapers. Great news is you can apply it on all subjects from business skills to college calculus, computer manuals to legal policies, personal development to making wealth.


04 No Special Skills Needed & No Age Barriers

You don’t need prior experiences or a large time commitment to learn. You don’t even have to be an avid reader. In fact, many of our participants who disliked reading before taking this training had fallen in love with reading after attending this training.  Everyone at any age can master this skill without any problems.


05 Can Be Used To Read In Any Language, Not Just English

You can apply it to read books in any language you’re familiar with and you can even use Lightning Speed Learning system to pick up new languages much more easily and have fun with it.


Who's The Trainer


Jotham Lim, MH.t

Founder of Easy A+ Learning System & Lightning-Speed Learning Intensive System

Certified Master Hypnotist & Hypnotherapist (American Board of Hypnotherapy, International Association of Counselors &Therapists)

Certified Coach of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

Jotham Lim is the founder of Easy A+ Learning System & Lightning-Speed Learning Intensive System. Having the Master certification of hypnotherapist and Neuro-Linguistic-Programming Coach, Jotham is an expert in the development & application of subconscious abilities and he has created the proven system to help people expand and excel in their learning capabilities.

Jotham believes in the value of lifelong learning and understands the importance of continuous learning in our daily & career lives. For the past 4 years, Jotham has been helping more than 300 participants in developing and enhancing their learning abilities.

 8 Main Benefits of This Training That Will Impact Your Life!

In this 2 Days Intensive Training, our primary goal for you is to drastically improve the speed of your reading and learning at more than 20,000 words a minute! Through achieving that, you will be able to:


1) Learn the Secrets to Finish 10 Books A Day

Become Unstoppable By At Least 3X Your Reading Speed & Still Achieve Same Comprehension Level or More!  


2) Accelerate Your Career & Increase Your Wealth 

Gain More Valuable Knowledge in Helping Your Career & Business Development. You can become more successful in Creating Your Wealth with walking the least resistant path.   


3) Take Control of “Information Overload” 

Rocket your productivity and consume vast amounts of printed information as easy as ABC. It activates your natural ability to quickly and easily absorb information. You will never being overwhelmed by tons of paper works, reports, knowledges & information again.    


4) Sharpen Your Mental Focus 

Improve your ability to stay focus and concentrate with the peace of mind. You will find yourself able to be in present and eliminate the distraction easily and effortlessly so you can get your reading and things done fast.    


5) Improve Your Memory Power & Ability of Retrieving Information 

Lightning Speed Learning System will enhance your memory power & most importantly improve your ability of retrieving information by eliminating the “Tip of Tongue” phenomena.


6) Unleash The Power of Your Subconscious Power 

Enhance your intuition and develop your true potential. You can easily tap into higher wisdom to acquire new solutions for your daily problem. Not only that, you can activate your learning through the power of lucid dreaming. We have stories of our participants that they study the book in the dream that they learned.    


7) Develop your “ZEN” Ability 

Improve Your Resiliency & Have Better Capability to Manage Stress in Daily Life in No Time! Upgrade the quality of your life by living a relaxing and prosperous life.  


8) Easily Acquire New Skills and Behaviors 

You can pick up new skills and behaviors by using Lightning Speed Learning System. You can use the power of subconscious mind to improve your cooking skills, writing skills, technical coding, time management, public speaking, virtually anything that you can imagine.

Breakdown of 2 Days Training:

Part 1: Understand the Functions of Your Brain

In the 2 Days Training, I will share about the functions of the brain and the whole-brain learning techniques in details.

You will discover:

  • Functions of Left VS Right Brains; Conscious VS Subconscious Minds. You will have deeper discoveries about your potential and uniqueness of your brain. You will understand how your brain works and you’ll learn how to utilize your brain potential in more effective ways.

  • 4 Stages of Learning Process. You will understand the learning curve of every skills in your life and get yourself ready to learn anything. You will have a correct mindset and attitude to effectively master any new skills.

  • Difference between Traditional Passive Learning Methods & Advance Active Whole Brain Learning Techniques. This is very crucial for you to understand the difference and the importance of adopting new study skills more effectively. You will have clearer expectations in acquiring new skills in order to master this advanced learning system.  

Part 2: Learning 6 Steps of Lightning-Speed Learning Intensive System

In this training, I will teach you the 6 Core Steps of Lightning Speed Learning System & I will guide you to master the elements of each step. This training is designed in 2 different approaches: a) Reading normal reading materials for knowledge purposes; and b) Studying technical materials for examination purposes. Each approach requires different strategies and I will show you how to master both.

Your will discover:

  •  2 Techniques to readily be prepared for learning and studying;

  • How to develop the sharp focus & clear mental clarity during your learning to speed up your learning process by twice or ten times fold;

  • Develop your subconscious powers & get into optimum states of mind for learning that will help you learn with totally NO STRESS & improve overall learning performance. 

  • Learn 7 Powerful Mnemonic Techniques that will boost your memory power by two to ten times fold. 

  • Mind-mapping Techniques to retain the information you learned & promote long lasting memory retention. 

  • Learn the Secrets to read up to 10 books a day while retaining your learning memory; 

  • Discover your own unique learning styles & master your preference style to speed up your learning process; 

  • Master the different learning strategies to handle different reading materials. 

Part 3: Application of Speed Learning System in Professional Studies & Research

In this training, I will share with you about the methodology of handling professional & research studies and how to excel your examinations with flying colours.

You will discover:

  • Master One of the Most Powerful Secrets that immediately reduces your learning time by at least half & achieve great results; 

  • Learn One Powerful Strategy to handle your research studies in the shortest period of time; 

  • Learn the Time Management Skills when doing revisions & preparing for examinations; 

  • Master One Powerful Strategy to eliminate “tip-on-tongue” phenomena & easily retrieve the answers from your memory without long hesitations;   

Part 4: Mind Programming To Excellent Performance

In this training, I will conduct 4 advanced mind programming sessions to help you achieve the following results:

  • Eliminate the limiting believes that are stopping you from performing well through effective reading & eliminate stress instantly anytime you want; 

  • Tap into the Super Learning State instantly anytime and anywhere when you want to study; 

  • Activate the ability to retrieve the information you learned through DREAMS at night; 

  • Activate the ability to retrieve information from memory in the shortest period of time during the exams. 

Part 5: Power Hour Practical Session

Consistent practice is the only way to master any new skills. In the 2nd day of training, I will allocate a session for you to practice the skill you have learned in two days.  I will help you understand & familiarize with the new learning techniques.

You will discover How to:

  • Clear all doubts and fears when applying new learning techniques;  

  • Get the experiential learning from practicing and applying the new skills to different reading materials; 

  • Familiarize & master the Lightning-Speed Learning Intensive System in the shortest of time. This training system has helped many students transform their study lives, helping them to get better results and have more time freedom to do what they love to do in their lives.




14TH - 15TH JANUARY 2017 (SAT & SUN)



9.00AM - 6.00PM




 Who Should Come For This Training?

This training is not for everyone. I’m only interested to help these 3 types of people:

  1. Book Lovers Or People who are Hungry for Knowledge – People who love to read & learn and who are constantly looking for more effective ways to read faster and increase productivity in their learning.

  2. Busy Youths and Adults with No Time – People who are busy and having very limited of time to spend on reading to acquire new knowledge and who are looking to develop the skills to handle overload of information and paperwork.

  3. Students (Master Level or PHD), and Working Adults who are Studying Part Time or Taking Professional Papers – Who wants to learn how to achieve greater results while putting in lesser hours without any stress!


 How's The Graduates Said About This Training?

 "After learning this system, I’m able to finish a book in a day which normally takes me a few weeks to finish before this. The great thing is I still achieve the same level of comprehension. It’s amazing.

Besides, I love the memorizing technique taught by the trainer as it really developed my creativity and makes learning funnier."

Megan Khor, Makeup Artist

" This is one of the best courses I've ever taken. It helps me increased my reading speed more than I thought possible before I took the course.

It helps me to get maximum learning in a short period of time. Incredibly useful for personal and professional reading."

Carmen Law, HR Executive

"With so much books left on your shelf and you are still buying another? Have you even finished those books which you've bought last weekend?"

I'm sure some of you may relate to the above sentence from your spouse. I'm personally a book fanatic and I'll buy the book even if it doesn't really spark my interest. I've never really thought I could possibly finish reading all my book until I met Jotham.

His technique in speed reading totally open up another cool possibility in book reading. Using his method, I have currently finished reading over 30 books within 2 weeks.

I would definitely recommend those who want to finish those books on your shelves to join this workshop and open up new possibilities!"

Yves, Sales Manager

 "Lightning-Speed Learning Intensive System has helped me in many ways. It has helped me to improve my technique and performance plus I also learned a lot of new things in those 2 days.  Even though I don’t use it every day but it does come in handy when I use it and it really works!

I would recommend anybody who haven’t heard of speed reading to give this system a try for. It is worthwhile."

Matthew Sia, Engineer

"I like to read but I had problem in completing one, due to my pack lifestyle I wasn't able in completing it and give up half way. I felt that I didn't read up to my max potential in harvest whatever info in that book.

I always thought that speed reading need a lot of training, it is tough to learn and it is only exist in the fantasy world until I attend Jotham's training. 

Never had imagine it could be so easy to learn and manage. It is fun in the learning process and practical session.

Now I could speed read!! I can harvest the maximum info at the shortest time possible. I can save more time and less money into buying books because now I can finish the book in the bookstores."

Hace Wong, Property Investor & Enterpreneur

"After going through Lighting Speed Learning, I realized that actually I can finish up author books in 2 hours time even get some inspiration.

From my previous read before reading culture need take 2 week until 1 year. Not only this, I get more confidence on sharing from what I reading with apply the skill and follow step by step in this training.

Nevertheless, the ultimate of this training could let me explore more how our human brain function, body's reading poster and energy is related to how we absorb info.

Beside that my focusing, reading, and appetiting of the book's information level are increased. Keep practicing, the level of reading skill has more improvement ."

Soon Teck, Technician

"Jotham is a very seasoned, solid and professional trainer who is great in delivering classes through his fun and lively approach. Not only did I learnt the various speed-reading techniques, I now understand better how our brain works as well as how and why these techniques work in different contexts. With his clear and solid explanation of the theory, coupled with guided speed-reading practice and relaxing close-eyes exercises in the class, I managed to grasp the essence of speed-reading much better that what I have experienced in other classes.

After the class, I find that I am more aware, focused and effective whenever I am consuming or even producing any materials be it an office document or an academic article. I would definitely recommend anyone who is interested to be a more effective and intentional reader to learn from Jotham."

See Wei Jie, Associate Analyst, Bank Negara Malaysia

"As the saying goes, "reading maketh a full man". We all know the benefits of reading but reading has always been a challenge for me due to time constraint. Picking up a book is easy but I always have difficulties finishing it. On average, it takes me between 2 weeks to 1 month to finish a book. 

Then I learned about Jotham's Speed Learning technique and it has transformed the way I read. Now, I finish a book within 2 hours and my knowledge has widen greatly. The course has also benefited me by able to focus better not only in reading, but also in my work as well as improve my productivity. 

If you are someone who has difficulties finding time to read because reading is time consuming, I encourage you to join this course. You will be amazed at how much time you can save!"

Shenton Yap, Auditor



 Your Investment For Today









1) Adult Speed Learning System 2 Days Intensive Training Admission Entry

2) Adult Speed Learning Training Manual

3) BONUS: Adult Speed Learning Hypnosis & Subliminal Programming Sounds Tracks (Total: 15 Tracks) (WORTH RM 499)



Frequent Ask Questions

Q1: If like what you say that I can read multiple books a day, can I really comprehend for what I have read?

Ans: Yes, by applying this system, you will not only increase your speed in reading, but you can also maintain and improve your comprehension level compared to previous reading method. 


Q2: How long do I need to take to see the effect of this system?

Ans: Usually, our participants will experience the effect of the system in this 2 days training itself. We have pratical sessions to help you really understand how to apply this system properly. 


Q3: Can you guarantee me that I can really read 10 books a day as you claimed after learning this system?

Ans: We can assure that your speed of learning will definitely improve but we cannot guarantee that you can really read ten books a day. It really depends on how well are you mastering this skill in reading. To master this skill, it requires consistant practicing for at least 21 days to form new habit & mastering this skill. 

Q4: Do I need to have any specific requirement in order to learn this system? 

Ans: Anyone also can learn this system without any special requirement. This system is easy to apply & anyone also can learn it.


Q5: If I am very weak in learning, am I suitable to enroll for this training?

Ans: The answer is a solid yes. Most of the time people are having challenges in their learning are due to ineffective learning method. In this training, we will show you a proven effective learning system that will help you to rocket your learning capability.


Q6: Can I enroll my children for this training? 

Ans: This training is specially designed for elder youth and adults. The context of the training is different from the training for the children. We have a training specially designed for children and you can find more details HERE


 You Can't Find This Elsewhere.

Grab This Offer NOW Before It's Gone Forever!




14TH - 15TH JANUARY 2017 (SAT & SUN)



9.00AM - 6.00PM









1) Adult Speed Learning System 2 Days Intensive Training Admission Entry

2) Adult Speed Learning Training Manual

3) BONUS: Adult Speed Learning Hypnosis & Subliminal Programming Sounds Tracks (Total: 15 Tracks) (WORTH RM 499)


Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don't apply to the average attendee/purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual's success depends on his or her effort, dedication, desire, and motivation.

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