About Us



EDM Corporate was established in August 2010 with a vision of becoming the largest platform in Asia in providing comprehensive solution for all business needs. With this vision, EDM Corporate is providing a very wide series of services, including personal & corporate branding, marketing solution, skill development, media and publishing.
EDM Corporate was initially formed to bring beauty and health to all mankind by starting with the first product which builds up the confident of man and woman, helping them to restore their dream body in 2010.
EDM Corporate started growing to a broader company with our own Research and Development department being established since 2012 and till 2014 it has grown to a company who has created more than 500 brands in the market in personal care, healthcare, and skincare. Within a short period of time, it has won the reputation and trust of the market, which some very high famous online.
Businesses are expanding from Malaysia to Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Korea and China with business sector from being just a distribution company to manufacturing, marketing and platform provider for people who are keen for business advancement. We provide product concept and marketing strategy, design and packaging solutions, government sectors certification applications.
To achieve the vision of creating a platform to provide one-stop solutions for businesses, in 2016, we expand our services into different fields by providing wider solutions, including personal & corporate branding consultation, online marketing solution, media publication, MLM system setup and more.


We Commit To The Principle of Value Driven, Results Orientated Organization To Meet The Needs of Present Generation & Creating the Ability of A Better Future.



To Be Asia's Largest Solution Platform For All Business Needs;
To Inspire Young Leaders To Build Their Career Empire & Make This World A Greater Place;
To Be Largest OEM Company In Promoting Health & Beauty In Asia;
To Provide Best Platform For Youth To Empower Their Dreams & Live Their Lives To The Fullest.


Our missions are essential for our company to be leaders and innovators that maintains high standards:
Build A World Class Business System & Solution Platforms That Fulfill All Business Needs;
Build A Talented & Caring Team in Delivering the Best Services for Our Clients;
We Strive to Have The Best Quality Control For Every Product We’ve Created.


Positive: A Positive Attitude Keeps a Healthy Mind & Body;
Motivated: Take the Initiative to Inspire & Always Be On The Move;
Innovation: New Ideas Are Always Welcome To Be Expressed;
Passion: Passion: Work With Passion, Live With Passion;
Efficient: Efficient: Maximum Productivity With Minimum Waste Of Time And Expense.