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How to launch your new product to a new market in the most effective way?
Does social media marketing helps to increase your brand awareness & sales?
Do your customers like your product? A new packaging design helps?
Does your brand stands out from competitions?
How to avoid competitor from copying your ideas?

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EDM utilize The Power of ONE, connects the right point for you and your business at the right time.

1. Brand Conceptualization & Review

Concept define the success of any brand. Inspire ideas to create your own personal brand, create a style of attraction that allows the even smallest of small businesses to reach thousands and millions of people.

✔ Market Research
✔ New Brand Conceptualization & Proposal
✔ Existing Brand Review

2. Brand Design & Packaging

Create eye-catching brand identity and packaging design that suits the product, make your product stands out from competitors

Brand Logo
✔ Product Packaging
✔ Graphic Design
✔ Product Image
✔ Website
✔ Application Design
✔ Business Model
✔ Packaging Design
✔ Character Design
✔ 3D Modelling

3. Product Manufacturing & OEM

Manufacture and create your own OEM products. We help you to build it and get it to market faster than you can on your own

4. Branding & Marketing

Strengthen your brand with marketing strategy, your ability to build value into your brand is essential to the long term success of the business

Digital Marketing Services
✔ Competitor Analysis
✔ Website Development
✔ Sales Page
✔ Google Search Advertising
✔ Google Display Network
✔ Google Remarketing
✔ Google Adwords
✔ Youtube
✔ Advertising
✔ Facebook Ads
✔ Facebook Management
✔ Instagram

Event Planning
✔ Magazine
✔ Identity
✔ Newspaper
✔ Event
✔ Internet
✔ Awards

Social Media
✔ Facebook
✔ Wechat
✔ Fan Page
✔ Forum
✔ Youtube
✔ Blog

Influencer and Artist

5. Business Consultancy & Training Services

From business modelling, planning, strategizing to execution, EDM team is highly experienced in offering you our expert advice and guidance

Corporate Training
✔ Facebook
✔ Motivational
✔ Wechat
✔ Numerology
✔ Negotiation
✔ Personal Branding, Nutritionist & etc

Business Consultancy
✔ Business Solution
✔ Business Model
✔ Business Strategy
✔ Management Advisor

6. App & System Development

What come first, the mobile app or the website? It’s absolutely crucial to choose the right platform for your product debut. We help you to build amazing user experiences

✔ Website Design
✔ Application Design
✔ System Design

7. Trademark Application

Developing and protecting trademarks is not a mere “cost of doing business”, we assist you to manage your business trademark application, protecting your intellectual property.

8. Media & Publishing

Different market require different approach, build a sustainable, profitable content ecosystem that works best for your business

Photography & Filming
✔ Micro Film
✔ TV Commercial
✔ Studio
✔ Event Shooting
✔ Stunt Shooting
✔ Program Production
✔ Stage Effects
✔ People Photography
✔ Drone Photography
✔ Movie Production
✔ Commercial Shooting
✔ Product Shooting
✔ Aerial Shooting
✔ TV Advertisement
✔ Animation

Publishing Editor
✔ Chinese Magazines
✔ Shang Business
✔ The Entrepreneur
✔ Video Interview
✔ Book Publishing

Every completed project is a beautifully-crafted masterpiece. We cater for clients from various industry, we tend to them with greatest care and strong understanding of their needs.

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